April 23rd, 2011

MAP KBG 2010


Name: Melissa
Relationship Status: Lesbian been with my g/f for a year on May 24th very happily committed to her.
Occupation: Vet Tech/Animal Physical Therapist

So there are the basics. I write about things going on in my life be it good, bad or indifferent. The main things I write about now is a back surgery I am recovering from, recovering a subsequent infection after my back surgery, my g/f and I trying to conceive kids, trying to find a sperm donor that we both like, and just my day to day life. 

I am returning to LJ after a year or more away and am having to start over on friends. I may not post everyday but I do read LJ at least once a day and will comment on entries when I have something to say. I would like to have friends who will be active and not just add me then disappear.

Gay Pride
Massage Therapy
Gay Marriage
Horror Movies

So There you have it hope to see you around.