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LGBTQ and All Others Community

News, Friends, Socialites, Activism, Updates, Etc. on our Community

The LGBT-Same Sex Community
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Acceptance & Equality
This is a community for those females and males around the world who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, curious, transgender and those who are supportive. This community is not targeted at any certain age group or gender. Everyone is welcome. If there is any information up-to-date feel free to post it.


  1. Be nice and respectful to the other members. This community is focused toward mature conversation. No bashing of any kind is allowed or will be tolerated. If you can't be considerate of others, please find another community to join.

  2. Act like a mature and responsible adult! While this community does not require that people be over 18 to join, it does expect that anyone who does join is capable of acting like an adult when posting to the community. A part of this is to make your best attempt at proper English spelling and grammar. It is embarrassing to have people for whom English is a second or third language strive to use as good of English as they can, and then have some teeny-bopper waltz in and intentionally use bad spelling and grammar just because he or she thinks that it's cute. It is not. I do not intend to be a grammar Nazi, but I can and will delete any post where I think the poster either wasn't trying at all, or was intentionally using poor language. Spell check is your friend; use it. Also, do not specify a text color when posting to this community, or over-ride the community settings. Yes, hot pink or white may look cute on your all black friends page: it may not even be readable to others who are using different background colors. The same is true for very large or very small text sizes. When in doubt, us the LJ default.

  3. No cross-posting or off-topic posts. It's upsetting to some people when they come here for advice, or for any other reason, and their posts are bumped away because people want to advertise their communities or make off-topic posts. We will delete any entries that do not belong here. There is a place for advertising communities on LiveJournal, [info]community_promo. This is NOT a place to talk about your personal life, for example, telling everyone you've changed your user name or telling us about the new CD or book you've bought. Those kinds of entries belong in your personal journal. Posting reviews of books on homosexuality, however, is always welcome. (Bottom line: stay on topic, please.)

  4. Do not disable comments! Period, there is no discussion on this. All posts in this community should promote discussion in this community. Disabling comments works directly against this. If you make such a post, and I think it might have been an error, I will just delete the post. If it is obvious to me that the comments were intentionally disabled, I'll ban you permanently. Right after I delete the comment.

  5. When posting adult content, pictures, or surveys please use the tag. It's annoying when a journal takes several minutes to load because someone decided to post an insane number of pictures of themselves. If you're not sure what to do, click here. This is also necessary as some of us read LJ from work, and can be fired if adult content comes up on our computers. Posts violating this rule will be deleted without warning.

  6. All icons used with posts to this community must be child and work safe! This is really just a restatement of the above rule to remind people to be careful what icons they use here.

  7. If a post of yours was deleted, it was not an accident. If you have a post deleted, I will usually respond to it in a comment before I delete it telling you why. I can't control whether you get that message or not. If your post is gone, and you didn't receive a message, read these rules carefully several times before asking me why the post is gone. Above all, do not just re-post it. If you re-post something I have deleted, I will treat as an intentional violation of the rules and permanently ban you.

  8. Have fun!

Thank you!

Your Moderater [info]Lrng2cope
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